Lillehammer, Norway

Little home close to mountains

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About Our Home
My home is one small room, with TV, bed, desk and closet. The house is about 5 km from the center of Lillehammer, and very close to mointains - two of them which are famous ski-and snowboard places. My home is a student appartment, and all the other small houses around it are also student houses, some for families with children and some for singels. It is usually quiet here, it's just a few houses in a "group" opposite of a Univeristy, which is on the other side of the street. Bus stop right outside the house. Bind my house there are mountains, and in front of it is Norways biggest lake, Mjøsa. Behind the lake, are more mountains. It's very beautiful in the winter, everything is white, covered in snow. In the summer, everything is super green and idyllic too. The only think that is shared in the home is the kitchen, which is shared with one or two other girls. But if you stay here in the summer time, you will have it yo yourself. Lillehammer is a famous olympic city, so the winter sports facilities are great. M home was originally built to house the contestants at Olympics in 1994, but now students live here. Kitchen doesn't look modern, but looks nice and works. Bath room looks nice too. There is a laundry room here. There are green areas around the houses, not big, but big enough that we sometimes have BBQ in the summer! It's cold in the winter but the heating in the room can make it super warm, I've never had it on the highest heat because that would be too warm. The bathroom floor has warming cables in the floor too.
Bryggerikjelleren restaurant, Dus restaurant, Lille pannekakehuset
Brenneriet nattklubb, Nikkers
The main street in the middle of my town is a non-motor street, only with shops and cafees.
Olympic museum from the Winter olympics in 1994
Swimming hall, bike track
Famous Norwegian theme park "Hunderfossen"

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  1. My name is Irini, I am 21 years old and study law at the university in Lillehammer.
  2. My boyfriend is Erik, he is 26 years old an works as an account manager.
  3. We abselutely love to travel, and want to see so much of the world as possible!

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None of us have never done this before, but when we found out about this possibility we both got very exited. We love to travel, but me as a full time student and Erik who not long ago got his degree and started his job, it's not easy to always find time and money to go to the places you want when you need a hotel etc. Erik has an education within travel, hotel buisness and sales, and has worked part time and full time at hotels for many years, both before and while going to univeristy. I am...