Charlie Lake, Canada


House 6 5 3
optional rent
$160.00 / night
$1,120.00 / week
$4,800.00 / month
About Our Home
Our home is a Located on a beautiful lakefront property, We are close to stores and the city for fort St. John. Our home is beautifully landscaped and cultivated with flower beds and large trees of different kinds . We have a very large U-Shaped dock that's great for jumping into the water or having a romantic glass of wine and watch the sunset. We also have a fire pit that over looks the lake for late night stories around the campfire in true Canadian style this place has it all !!!!!
Jackfish dundees, Charlie Lake store, wholesale store
Whole wheat and honey cafe, On the rocks, the old fronteer, roustablouts,boston pizza and many more !
We have alot of places to shop! Beauty boutiques, and salons, clothes shopping and lots of grocery stores
Fort st. John Museum and cultural center
EVERYTHING !! tennis, water sports, badminton, vollyball, Hockey, swimming pretty well everything
WAC Bennit Dam, Dinousour foot prints and bones ect .... much more
Special Events
Will add in special events planner upon booking an exchange
Highly recommend this location if you are looking for a little romantic getaway or great fun and adventure packed thrill !!

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  1. We are a married couple ages 28 and 37, We have a beautiful one year old girl :)
  2. David is a Owner / Operator of a trucking company
  3. We enjoy site seeing, meny outdoor activites, the beach, making new friends and exploring

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We are looking forward to planning our first home exchange, We would take care of your home as if it were our own, We are a quiet little family. We would like our home to be taken care of while we were enjoying a swap. We would be able to take care of any pets you may have as well if needed :)