Prince Edward, Canada

Beach, Mom & Pop shops, Wineries!

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About Our Home
This home is A family home: convenient, comfy, and designed for the whole family. Our home is located in one of the most desirable tourist locations in Canada, Prince Edward County. Brand new mattress in the master bedroom! The Neighbourhood: 1. Sandbanks beach - attracts tourists from all over Canada, and is only 15 minutes away! Also, this is wine country! 2. The mom and pop stores, unique shops and boutiques along main street - which is directly parallel to our house! 3. The location. Our home is on an island, and down a cliff from main street, on a one way street. Very quiet! Yet, only a 2 minute walk from main street and the harbour! Additional information Check out Prince Edward County's facebook page and some articles! The County is wonderful for many reasons, and it always has something going on for all interests. Also, an added note for any of you worried about travelling somewhere unsafe - Picton is not only notable for it's quiet town feel and close knit community, but it has the highest rated hospital in Canada!!!
Our favourites are the Acoustic Grill, and Angry Birds, both in walking distance.
Miss Lily's cafe and bookstore and the Bean Counter.
Kingston oil company, Coriander Girl, Heart of the County, Ten Thousand Villages, many thrift stores, anything on Main Street really!
Countylicious (October 28-November 20) and the Great Canadian Cheese Festival (June 4 & 5) are our favourite!
Don't forget to check out the wineries!

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  1. We have been married for almost 4 years. I am 25, my husband is 26.
  2. I am a social worker, my husband is a satellite technician/videographer
  3. Ryan has been battling cancer this past year. We were hoping to have enough money for a real honeymoon, as 3 years ago our honeymoon was a 3 day cottage stay a few hours away. Cancer has given us a financial setback, so we are hoping to go the home exchange route!

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We can't wait to become involved in this adventure of house swapping! Our friends have always said that ours is the most comfortable home they have ever been in, so we hope that holds true for you. Please be aware that this home has pets (they will be staying with family while we are gone), and though this is a very clean home it may still irritate allergies. That being said, we love animals and would love to care for yours if needed!